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When raising a mortgage for your property in Brazil the following options are available.
1. Raising finance from your existing property in country of residence to cover the purchase abroad. This is a good idea especially if the interest rate in Brazil is a lot higher than your home country.

2. Secure the mortgage against the property within the country from a local bank; this could be a wise option when the interest rate is lower than your resident country. Most lenders require up to 30% deposit and you will have decided how to make your mortgage payments each month. Contact Elite International Real Estate to ensure you do not lose out on exchanging money.

3. Use the developers financing option; this can range from stage payments, to taking over the developers loan taken out to develop. If taking this option ensure you read the fine print, we can recommend a reputable international property lawyer who can assist.

Purchasing property abroad can always be seen as a daunting process, so we here at Elite International Real Estate take the stress out of the buying process.

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