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  Barbados Overview  

Little is known of the early history of Barbados. Today, this laid-back English colony combines pristine beaches, crystal clear water and vibrant flora with great music, a hopping night scene, delicious food and a strong sense of history and culture.

The dramatic differences between the east and west coast must not be missed. The east (Atlantic side) is less developed and ruggedly beautiful. The west coast is the Caribbean side, where there is more hotel development, but the coastline remains elegant and attractive.

The sea is calm and clear and this is the coast where water sports come into their own. Sailing, water-skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling and scuba-diving are just some of the water sports available. Warm Caribbean waters are teeming with colorful fish swimming in vibrant coral reefs.

Hire a car, scooter, bicycle or moke (open-air jeep) to venture further, and visit underwater caves, lush tropical gardens, sugar-cane factories, rum distilleries or plantation houses.

Barbados is also actively promoting ecotourism. The Barbados National Trust has implemented programs to support this venture, owning and/or administering 10 sites that are open to the public.

The island has a lively nightlife with floorshows of limbo dancers and pulsing reggae music a perfect accompaniment to the Bajan cuisine of spicy seafood, tropical fruits and vegetables, washed down with rum cocktails and fresh fruit juices.

Barbados is the most easterly of the Caribbean chain of islands. It lies well to the east of the West Indies. To the west, beaches consist of fine white sand and there are natural coral reefs. Along the east coast there is lively surf as the sea pounds the rockier shoreline.

Barbados is predominantly flat with only a few gently rolling hills to the north. The coral structure of the island acts as a natural filter and the waters of Barbados are amongst the purest in the world.

Barbados has been a long time favorite as a holiday destination in the Caribbean and will always retain a loyal tourist visitation.

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