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Caribbean 100% * Finance Scheme

**Only 1000 required until completion**
**Guaranteed mortgage upon completion**

This is an excellent opportunity to invest in a brand new property in St Vincent, Barbados and Dominican Republic with only 1000.

 See example process below:

 1000 non refundable reservation fee required for reservation of a specific property.
 30% deposit required (less 1000) within 45 days of reservation. Should you choose to borrow the 30% deposit; the developer will pay the loan repayments, including interest, for the 30% deposit until completion of the specific unit you have reserved. These payments will then be added to the purchase price upon completion.

Example: 1000 (reservation fee) = 59,000.
Interest on 59,000 @ 6% pa = 295 per month, paid for 24 months by the developers = 7,080 added to the purchase price upon completion.

Due to the significantly discounted off-plan contract price and the capital appreciation during the construction phase, it is anticipated that the 200,000 purchase price will have grown to a property value at completion of circa 325,000.

At this point a 70% loan to value guaranteed mortgage is available and therefore you will be able to borrow up to 227,500. This is clearly ample to pay for the 199,000 (purchase price less 1000 reservation fee) that you owe as well as the accrued interest of 7,080 (from the above example). The interest accrued on the stage payments will be added to the purchase price and becomes due when the property is ready.

Assuming you borrowed the maximum loan to value mortgage, available from the example above, you would borrow 227,500 on which the annual interest payment would be 18,200 based on a rate of 8%.

The rental guaranteed of 10 % of your purchase price of 200,000 will generate you an income of 20,000 each year, should cover your mortgage payments.

If you wish you could retain the 59,000 loan you took out for the deposit, pay the interest yourself each month, from completion onwards, and use the money to invest in a further investment property purchase.
Subject to status and conditions apply- please contact us for further information. If cases where we are unable to obtain finance for you, we will be prepared to refund the 1000 reservation fee.

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