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The Spanish tax system comprises of three kinds of taxes;

  • “impuesto” (true taxes)
  • “tasas” (dues and fees)
  • “contribuciones especiales” (special levies).

Tasas and contribuciones especiales are collected in return for a public service provided by the authorities or for any type of benefit as a result of public works or services. 


In Spain, taxes are levied by the central government, autonomous communities (regional) or by the local authority. Most taxes in Spain are self assessed meaning the individual is responsible to report and calculate any tax due. The tax year in Spain is the same as the calendar year (1st January to 31st December).


Your residence card will have a fiscal number which you must quote when opening a bank account paying Spanish taxes. All residents of Spain must have a NIE number.


As taxation varies from resident to investor Elite International Real Estate recommends you contact us to be refered to a reputable Spanish taxation expert. 




Legal steps to buying property can be summarised as below.

We are using existing property as the example, buying off plan is simpler


1. Nota simple informative

2. the pre-agreement

3. the closing

4. payment of taxes

5. the registry


Surprisingly, the legal aspect of buying in Spain is very straight forward. 





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